Threads of Support & Commitment Towards The Society

Threads of Support & Commitment Towards The Society

Walk with us into JK Garments, where our responsibility goes beyond fashion. From supporting local causes to creating a caring culture, we're all about making a positive impact. At JK, it's not just about fashion; it's about weaving a better world, one stitch at a time.

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A Journey Towards Sustainability! Sustaining Style, Preserving Tomorrow

Solar PV Power Plants & Carbon Footprint

With a vision of converting our production processes to be environmentally sustainable, JK Garments is in the process of utilizing the roof tops of our factory buildings to install Solar PV Power Plants.

We have successfully commissioned a total of 1MW solar PV power plants at the roof tops of our main manufacturing facilities and obtaining a daily CO2 saving up to 2700kg.

The energy generated from the solar power plant is directly given to the National Grid which approximately accounts to 65-75% of our daily energy usage.

Wastewater Treatment

Water is an essential natural resource. Instead of wasting wastewater, we need to reduce and reuse it whenever possible, to help preserve it.

Both factories at JK Garments are equipped with wastewater treatment facilities, in which wastewater from its operations is treated before it is discharged to make it environmentally safe.

JK Garments continuously aims to achieve water efficiency across its operations and reduce all types of waste as much as it can.

Supporting Ethical Practices in Material Recycling

At JK Garments, we are dedicated to championing eco-conscious practices that uphold the well-being of our planet. Our sustainability ethos spans across every facet of our operations, from the materials we source to the methodologies we adopt, ensuring that each phase of our production journey minimizes environmental harm and optimizes resource utilization.

Our fervor for sustainability within the fashion realm knows no bounds. By repurposing materials like plastic bottles into reusable resources, we actively combat landfill overflow and curtail the depletion of natural reservoirs by lessening the demand for fresh materials. Through pioneering techniques, we breathe new life into discarded materials, transforming them into premium-grade resources that not only mitigate pollution but also foster a circular economy model. Our dedication to material recycling and reutilization not only nurtures the environment but also guarantees that our discerning customers receive impeccably crafted garments infused with a profound care for our planet's well-being.